Bi Cupid Male Or Female Is True Love

Bi Cupid


Love Cupid is coming, talk about love is no longer limited to sex, bi cupid will shot you with the arrow of true love, men and women are true love. LGBT is not an invisible group, but in L (lesbian) and G (gay) voice is increasing today, the same as a minority of B (bisexuality) was quietly ignored. Bisexual (Bisexual), as the name suggests, is able to be attracted by men and women, do not exclude sexual relations with these two sexes and further sexual relations of sexual orientation. It is also such a "unisex" characteristics, so that the public had a misunderstanding of this group.
Misunderstanding 1: bisexual love heart
Many people take it for granted that bisexual both men and women take-all, then must always hang among the flowers of grass, eating bowl of "boyfriend" also looked at the pot "girlfriend", must play with three. The This is habitual thinking, that "can do" = "will do". In fact, whether to spend more and more with the individual, sexual orientation is not related necessarily. As the red roses and white roses have their own styles, the gardener dicide which will be planted at the end. Some gardener although the red roses like the unrestrained, but their yard has been filled with white roses, will not move other minds; however, there are gardener willing to let the yard blooming, this is a personal choice, and Is it is not related to a gardener or a pruner? This is just a personal choice, you can accept the things bi cupid brought, also can refuse.
Misunderstanding 2: Bisexuality is just a "swing" stage of exploratory orientation
Of course, heterosexuality thinkt bisexuality is just an excuse for homosexuality, and homosexuality is always worried about that their bisexual companions will be "rebellious" back to the heterosexual camp. So bisexual will be embarrassed between the gay and heterosexual, absolutely not be pleased. However, bisexuality is a definite and independent sexual orientation, not a transitional period of homosexuality and heterosexuality or a period of swing, and can not force them to "choose a camp". Unlike some adolescents who find themselves homosexual young people forcing themselves to try to interact with the opposite sex , eventually test their true sexual orientation, bisexuals are equally likely to have the same sex or heterosexual partners, both psychologically and physically. The choices are made proactively. "Bisexual must decide whether to become homosexual or heterosexual" argument, as to force the diners from the fried chicken and burger to do a single topic, do not know there are "fried chicken" optional?
When you are confused, you met the beautiful bi Cupid light, will you stop? Yes or no is your right choice.