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Bisexual Singles...

The New York Times published an article which titled "Straight, Gay, or Little" ("Straight, Gay, or Lying"), questioning whether bisexual singles are real. This title implies that in the case of only male and female options, a person's sexual orientation must be a single, if not a single, that is, "liar". However, in the end what is "male", what is "female"? And why can we only have two sexes? Why can  sex only choose one?

Today ,many of the doubts about bisexual singles are still based on the gender and dualism of the presupposition to conceal bisexuality.
"Sex is not only male or female? What is bisexuality? Can be two or even more than two kinds of gender to attract?
"Can not imagine bisexual can actually like men and like women?"
And even the transcobic sense of transcience: "She likes people who look like women, she is actually homosexual!"
"He likes people in addition to women, there is a female cross men, so in fact he likes  woman!
And many people's understanding of their sexual orientation is also subject to gender-based and binary opposing hijacking, or have to be in their favorite people who separated from the two men and women, or have to put their favorite people stubbornly. According to physiological sex as a class, even if these people their own gender identity, gender expression is not consistent with their physiological gender ... ...
We live in the world so that we believe that gender is non-male and female, a person either "male" or "female", bisexual singles dating object should also be non-male and female. Not only that, a person's sexual attraction and sexual orientation should also correspond to gender cross, male with female, female with men. Full of "masculine" men - this is Judis Butler's "heterosexual matrix" as described in "Sex Trouble" (gender sex) The inevitable relationship between sexual orientation is forcibly established and developed, and the sexion X heterosexuality is changed from only the "majority" to the "normal" of the statistical data, so we often call bisexuality “lonely bisexual singles. A few are often lonely, but bisexuality is only superficial on the surface, lonely from the heart, as long as they feel is not lonely ,it will be right. Bisexual can be found through the bisexual website to the other half of the lonely, the other half is often more than two, different sex, one person is lonely, three people are happy.