The Four Main Misunderstandings About Bisexual Singles

Bisexual Singles...

  1. Bisexual singles like 3 some very much

Lot’s of people think bisexual singles like threesome very much ,they think they enjoy the sex more than 3 person. But this thought makes bisexual feel no words to say ,how ridiculous it is in bisexual’s world. That’s right, everyone like exciting things and experience which make blood hotter, make heartbeat more quick .Who don’t want to have some different experience of emotion and sex? Similarly, bisexuals also need more choices. There’s no doubt that bisexuals like threesome is the same as heterosexual like double flying. So we shouldn’t misunderstand them in this side, this is their own choice which is used for relaxing, right?

  1. Bisexual singles will be attracted by everyone in the word

Someone think bisexualswill fall in love with everyone in the word, because they not only like male but also female .In fact ,  it is incorrect viewpoint. If it is true, the bisexual will be so tired. Even though they like both man and woman, they will not choose mates who they don’t have feelings. So it is not true for them to love everyone.

  1. Bisexuality does not really exist

Some people think bisexuality does not really exist , this unique sexual orientation is just for different from others. But in fact from the beginning of ancient Greece, bisexuality has been there. So this sexual orientation has historical basis which can eliminate this misunderstanding.

  1. The confusing sex life of bisexuals

Some people think that bisexuality will play two opposite roles in sex, so they are more confusing. But do you think they are Gemini? In fact, sexual life and sexual orientation are two different things , they are not necessarily closely linked.
Why do they are misunderstood by others so much? The reason is that they are different than others,they have more exciting way of life,they have more unique experience ,in all,they have their own lifestyle which we have no chance to feel and try,so we can not understand bisexual singles.It  is inevitable make others curious about them,misunderstand them. People tend to be curious about things that have not been touched, and they want to know the answer. But there is no personal experience, some things are not conclusive, so this is the biggest reason for misunderstanding. Be misunderstood by others do not have to explain, as long as they feel good is right.