Bisexual Singles Is On The Rise

Bisexual Singles...

We know the number of bisexualsis on the increase year by year, especially the generation after the birth of millennium, but the data shows that this situation developed faster than we thought before. A new UK study found that in the past three years, those people who self-identity for bisexual can be called "soaring" to express. The rate of bisexual growth accelerated gradually which means that bisexual singles group is rising.

According to statistics data of the British National Bureau, about 230,000 people self-identity as bisexual in 2012. By 2015, the data soared to 33.4 million,it increase by about 45%.Not only that, this is the first time we have seen teenagers from the age of 16 to 24 years old describe themselves as bisexual ,not for homosexual which tend to younger.The number of people in 2012 is 76,000, by 2015 it rose to a staggering number is about 13.3 million .But the growth in the self-identity for gay or lesbian data is not obvious in three years, the number increased from 541,000 to 58.6 million.
Of course, gay men, lesbians and bisexuals still account for only a small percentage of the UK's population as a whole, accounting for only 1.7% of the total, then divided by 1.1%, bisexual only accounted for about 0.6%. Heterosexuality accounted for the vast majority of 93.7%. The rest are "other" areas, such as transgender, or "do not know", or they refuse to answer this question. Researchers also found that young people are more likely to self-recognize for other, rather than absolute heterosexual, with 3.3% young people of the ages from 16 to 24 will be self-evaluation like this.
With the increase in the number of this group, it is gradually tend to younger. In the next few years, this data will be larger and larger. In fact, the main reason is that more and more people understand the bisexual, they get more and more knowledge and methods through the bisexual dating websites to identify bisexual, more and more people to understand and treat this identity correctly. In the future, bisexual life will tend to diversify, dating will be more and more openning, social life will be more abundant. This is bound to be a rising group. We have to admit the rapid development of this group, also had to admit the status of this group. After a few years, we see bisexual dating on the street will not be as unacceptable as it is now, it might be a normal thing to do.