The Bisexual Woman Amelberg Hilde Had Been Willing To Abandon Her Girlfriend For Depp

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The 50-year-old Johnny Depp is called "the most talented genius actor of his time", "God's gift to Tim Burton", who had been engaged with a hot bisexual woman. He has one of the coolest and most varied faces in Hollywood,who is one of the world's most beautiful and coolest sexy men.He also as known as Hollywood's "four kings" one. One of the most sexy actor in the history of Hollywood.Johnny Depp held an engagement party with 27-year-old bisexual girlfriend Aimeibe Hilde in a marriage venue Carondelet House in Los which has a nearly 100-year-old history. Johnny and the old love Vanessa Paladis ,the two children of Lillie Rose and John, the mother Betty Sue Palmer, Ai Mei Bo and sister ,and other relatives have appeared, in addition, his friends Steven Victor Terry and "Cthulhu" Marilyn Manson also attended. Ai Mei Bo wearing a beige harness vest with black high waist skirt, Johnny on a black suit, they low-key by the security escort admission, did not let the media take pictures.

Amelberg Hilde was born on April 22, 1986 in Austin, Texas, American actor, starred in "Palm Springs secret", "beautiful ordinary people" and other film and television drama. She has been over the movie "Violent Speed 3D" with Nicholas Cage.
In 2010, she attended the 25th GLAAD (anti-slander gay and lesbian alliance) with photographer girlfriend Tasya van Ree, bold out of the cabinet, open sexual orientation to the public. But in cooperation with Depp "Lime wine diary", she has openly exposed to Depp: "he is my sexual fantasy object, I would like to abandon his girlfriend." Johnny Depp appeared in the Rolling Stones Concert, he appeared with his bisexual girlfriend Amerie Hilde, the romance of them surfaced officially.

Johnny Depp and Amy Parker Hilde met in the "Lime wine diary", the two fake really do, has been intercourse secretly for more thanone year. Prior to this, Depp has been living with Paladis for 14 years,they also had a son and a daughter, but eventually due to Depp's situation ,their marriage was ended. It is reported that Depp also made a bar to restore empathy beautiful supermodel Ai Mei Bai. 27-year-old Hilde had declared herself a bisexual woman who is out of closet before fall in love with Depp .According to the European and American entertainment website reported that Depp's new romance, the Paladis was shocked, has been suspected Depp was attracted by his bisexual girlfriend so much because of the middle-aged crisis.She think that the bi woman not only need to prove that she was still popular in the young heterosexual but also is simply want to rely on his scandal to be more famous. She did not think there is love between them.She even didn’t know Depp had engaged with this hot bisexual at that time.